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30_friends's Journal

30 Friends: Themed Fanwork Community
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Welcome to 30_friends, another low-pressure writing community in the vein of 30_kisses and similar communities.

The goal of 30 Friends is to offer a fun way to write friendship fanwork with the added benefit of community spirit. All you have to do is claim a subject and write or draw for the thirty themes listed below.

1) Platonic love.
2) Gifts.
3) Late night conversation.
4) Walk beside me.
5) Hidden treasures.
6) Promise?
7) An ugly shirt.
8) Secrets and lies.
9) The third wheel.
10) A night out.
11) A night in.
12) Argument.
13) Long-distance.
14) Fair weather friend, rainy day friend.
15) Comfortable silence.
16) Party!
17) Jealousy.
18) Some advice.
19) Lunchtime.
20) Making mischief.
21) Common ground.
22) A favor
23) Fair trade.
24) True friends stab you in the front.*
25) Forgiveness.
26) Passing notes.
27) Practice.
28) Golden thread.
29) Silver lining.
30) Friends forever.

*Oscar Wilde
- You my claim something from any fandom: anime, movie, book, etc. Please, fictional characters only.

- You may claim a character, couple, or group within a single fandom. You may claim groups of up to five friends. Crossovers are not currently allowed.

- If you claim a character or friendship, you may write about other characters as long as your character or friendship is featured.

- Series in the same time period with mostly the same characters are not considered different fandoms. For example, both John Munch from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and John Munch from Homicide: Life on the Street could not be claimed at the same time.

- You may claim up to two subjects at one time. All thirty themes must be written for all claims you make. Only one person can claim a specific subject at one time.

- Check the claims list, then make your claim here.

- If you have any questions, check the FAQ.
- When posting your story, please use the following format:

Subject Line
Title (Fandom, Subject, Theme #)

So, your subject would look something like "Head First (Firefly, Mal&Wash, #28)"

Subject: (This is where you list the character or characters you claimed.)
Theme(s): (Include # and theme.)

Please ALWAYS use the above format. You may add to the header, but please don't subtract from it.

- Either put your story behind an LJ cut or link to an off-community page with your story. You can make an LJ cut with the following tag: <lj-cut>

- Themes can be interpreted however you'd like to interpret them. Just don't write a story, then tack on a completely unrelated theme.

- More than one theme can be used for a single story, but at least 100 words should be dedicated to each theme. Chaptered stories are allowed.

- Do not post stories or artworks you've posted publically before to fill your themes. Every story or artwork should be either completely new or previously posted under a friends-lock or in some restricted access situation. You may cross-post your stories to other communities, I only ask that they are newly available.

- Please don't use the theme as a title. The theme may be included in the title, but it shouldn't be all that you use.

- Please give all of your stories some sort of title. "Untitled" gets a little old.

- Once you've completed all of your themes, comment here.

- If you have any questions, check the FAQ.

If you'd like to become an affiliate, please email me.